Legends GP Bikes marks a new chapter in the World GP Bike Legends story.

World GP Bike Legends, in conjunction with Legends GP Bikes, is moving into the next era and bringing new machines to ride alongside the tarmac-shredding souls of the 2-stroke bikes that inspired World GP Bike Legends.

These new and latest sportsbikes from a cross section of manufacturers are being introduced for the Race of Legends bringing safety, reliability and what we are all want to see: closer racing.

Whilst these are the latest bikes, we are bringing them to you in one off retro designs that are special and exclusive to our Legend Riders. Best of all we are giving you the opportunity to own one of these bikes for yourself.

It is undoubtedly a tempting prospect for bike collectors and fans alike, and what’s more there are benefits to purchasing a Legends GP Bike.

The inaugural World GP Bike Legends event held at Jerez in June 2015 showed that the passion for 2-stroke machinery is stronger than ever and while the original bikes that wowed millions of fans around the world are growing ever more valuable and scarce, the stunning new Legends GP Bikes will provide all the sights and sounds at a fraction of the cost and without risk to the irreplaceable originals.

Our Legendary riders are lined up and ready to race with the new machinery in evocative period livery.

World GP Bike Legends events will be more spectacular than any other race meeting on the planet!

Contact us for more information on info@legendsgpbikes.com

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